10 Reasons Why Dubai Is A Must-Visit Place

First off Dubai has really come a long way from 20 years ago. A before and after picture demonstrates just how dramatically!


Since then they reduced the taxes of residents to zero. that’s right nothing!!!. Visitors there often note the extravagance of the place.

One of the main reasons people have been flocking there from around the world over recent years is also their amazing man made attractions which they are adding to every year.

1.They have made island’s shaped like a leaf and one of the map of the world
2.They have some amazing water fountains

3. They built their own rain forest


4.They are in the process of building a estimated 2.8 billion theme park. Forget Disney World, the upcoming Dubai Parks and Resorts, spread over 25 million square feet is going to be your new dream destination.

The entire plan calls for three theme parks and a water park – motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai and the LEGOLAND Water Park. There will be over 100 rides and attractions, a 503-room hotel plus a retail, dining and entertainment district which also includes a Taj Mahal-inspired theater.

5.Arguably the best fireworks display in the world on new years

6.They have the worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower)

7.They have the world’s largest shopping mall (The Dubai Mall) complete with a big-ass aquarium

8.World’s largest flower garden

9.If you are bored why not play tennis on a helipad while you are there 7 stories up

10.They have a year round indoor ski resort despite the weather being above 30 Celesius on a daily basis

If theses 10 reasons aren’t’ enough to convince you that Dubai should be on your top tens places to visit. A couple more things you may encounter while there are an unusual traffic jam filled with Lamborghini’s



and robots racing camels. After the robot thing I have no idea why why you could even resist.