10 Strange And Crazy Mailboxes

1.The rage of a thousand nerds will rain down on whoever knocks this mailbox over… That’s an awesome box. 😀
star trek mailbox

2.These Bender inspired mailboxes are awesome!!
bender2 bender3 bender mailbox

3.This blue woman mailbox is gnarly
blueman box

4.Please put your package in my male box is something I’d probably say daily if I owned this!
butt mailbox

5.Headless Horseman mailbox
6.This shelled out Xbox converted to a mailbox should be set to red when the IRS or junk mail is inserted
xbox mailbox
7.Awesome! Just Awesome!
manatee mailbox

8.I really hope it’s an actual little flag that you pull out of the barrel that says “bang”
gun mailbox

9.I’ll bet the address is 666.
scary mailbox

10.Love the name. Very relevant since people will be dropping loads in it daily.
shitter mailbox

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