11 Mindblowing Things You Will Only See In China

Maybe you are thinking about traveling or just need to do a report on a foreign country. China has plenty of exotic things that you ‘ll never see anywhere else. Communism and different ideologies as well as having one of the worlds oldest living civilizations dating back to 1700BC its a sure bet there are differences abound.

1)Magical drug stores







2)Weird Foods at Walmart like alligator and shark head










3)A Hotel shaped like ping pong paddle

Next year work is to begin in

China on a hotel shaped like an upside-down ping-pong paddle as part of a new $45.8 million sports complex. There will be other buildings shaped like a football as well








4)Overcrowded swimming areas








5)Stuff stacked way too high








6)Funny Chinese signs








7)Grain Condoms








8)A pig with 2 legs








9)Bootlegged everything

Everything is bootlegged or ripped off. Funny versions of our tv shows such as

“break so bad” are surely the product of a sick mind






10)Animals you won’t see anywhere else




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