12 Of The Craziest WTF Foods Invented

The fast food industry in general has been a source of innovation over the years constantly competing for your hard earned dollars by coming up with all kinds of new foods. Many of which fit into the food mashup category. Some are an interesting clash of eastern and western cuisine approaches. Gotta get that market share in China after all.

KFC, Pizza Hut especially seem to be trying new things more than most.

1.Carl Juniors Ice cream burger just doesn’t seem right. There are some interesting ice cream flavors that have come out over the years as well like peanut butter curry.

car junoirs ice cream burger

2.The Japanese have many different kinds of Kit Kat bars. But creating Kit Kat pops?


kit kat pops

3.Pizza Hut has tried to put nearly everythign in its crust throughout the years including caviar over in Hong Kong. The hot dog crust is pictured below


pizza hut hot dog crust

4.Ever though of trying canned sandwiches. It is even rumored that there are canned pancakes as well somewhere in China.

sandwiches in a can

5.Wendy’s caviar and lobster sandwich they launched back in 2012 didn’t do too well. No suprise!

Wendys lobster and acaviar burger

6.Burger King’s Kuro Pearl Burger even has optional black cheese to go with it’s black burger buns they launched in Japan


7.White castle’s chicken rings. KFC has chicken stars. Whats next?

white castle chicken rings

8.To mark the official launch of Windows 7 Burger King decided to create a 7 patty burger.
bk windows 7 whopper

9. KFC’s double down burger using chicken as a substitute for burger buns

double down zinger

10.KFC’s double down hotdog


11.Dunkin Donuts Shredded pork and seaweed donut

pork-seaweed-donut dunkin donuts

12.Dunkin Donuts Glazed Donut sandwich