15 Sports Temper Tantrums That Are Downright Bizarre But Also Hilarious. #15 I Can’t Believe Actually Happened

1. Tennis player Marcos Baghdatis goes on to destroy four racquets after he gets frustrated in the middle of a match

2.After a umpire calls a strike instead of a ball on Brett Lawrie he goes berserk. The Jay’s manager has to step in to stop Lawrie from going primal on the ump.

3.In 2013 during a football match between Ohio State and Michigan a fight broke out. Later after the fight is broken up one of the player who is sent off flips the bird to everyone in the stands.

4. Brian Wilson after getting ejected from the game goes crazy on the water cooler

5.Ryan Leaf lets his feeling known to a reporter about a story about him freaking out on a cameramen. Leaf was a first round pick that turned in to a bust. Maybe it was his inability to control his temper that cost him it.

6.During game 2 in the world series between the Mets and Yankees Roger Clemens decides to throw a piece of a shattered bat at Mike Piazza when he is running to the first base

7.The rant that Alan Iverson is most known for. It likely led to his premature evacuation from the NBA  as well as his career.

8.Carlos Zambrano gets tossed and destroys the Gatorade dispenser. There are many tirades carlos has gone on lover the years. This is probably the funniest of them all, although its like deciding on a favorite kind of ice cream

9. John McEnroe’s is known not only for his Tennis skills but also for his famous outbursts of which he had many. Back in Stockholm in 1984
“You cannot be serious!” is probably John McEnroe’s most famously known quote.

In this video he goes on another tirade directed at the lineman asking him to  “Answer the question. The question, jerk!” This takes place during the ’84 Swedish Open. McEnroe gets pissed at the chair umpire Dr. Leif Ake Nilsson for not overruling a linesman’s call. McEnroe gets set off when the umpire appears to not want to answer him.

10.In 1997 Dennis Rodman kicks a cameraman during a game Bulls against the Timber wolves. The cameraman was taken away on the stretcher.

The incident cost Rodman dearly. For starters he was suspended for 11 games and fined $25,000 by the league. Later the event cost him a large amount of money in his incentive laden contract. On top of all that he was charged for assault that was later dropped after he settled out of court with the injured cameraman for $200,000.

11.Back in november 2009, coach Brent Sapergia of the Louisiana IceGators went crazy after a penalty call in which he didn’t agree with. He then decided to turn the ice rink into a dressing room and threw everything he could get his hands on behind the bench on the ice. This earned him his second ejection in two games. Later when asked about his actions he maintained that he was justified

12 Kevin Borseth has a meltdown right in a press conference after the Michigan Wolverines Women’s Basketball Team loses because of lack of offensive rebounds.

13.During an appearance in 1994 on the Jim Rome talk show Jim Everett who was sick of Rome taunting him calling him “Chris Everett”(ladies tennis player) had had enough. Rome insisted on air to keep on insulting Jim. Jim warned him after the second insult. After the third Jim had had enough and tossed the table shoving Rime to the ground


14. Probably the craziest case of umpire rage ever! Back in In June 2007, Phil Wellman completely lost his shit. The then manager of the minor league Braves, earned himself a three-game suspension.

Wellman proceeds to cover the bases with dirt, running around yelling insults, steals some bases the when deciding to leave the field takes a base along with him.

15.During a soccer game in Brazil a referee shoves a player who is grabbing onto his arm. The player goes down like he is hit even though he wasn’t. Quickly the rest of the team erupts into a mob hellbent on taking him down. The referee must then run for his life


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