15 Yacht Designs You’ll Have To See To Believe

If you are a fan of boats you are going to love the list below. Even if you aren’t a boat person but can appreciate cutting edge design then there’s plenty of that here as well.

Below are the craziest cutting edge yacht designs I could find after scouring the net the last couple of days. None of these yacht designer feel bound by the restrictions of a conventional hull shape.

1. “Yacht Island” the name pretty much says it all
yachtisland megayacht-transom

2.The “Tofi” Designed by Hyun-Seok Kim. Not just a concept anymore but has already been completed. For a fuller rundown of the specs and many more pics check out beautifullife.com

3. Dubbed “The Transformer” and created Julien Anglade does exactly was the name says it does. It changes from  a sleek yacht into a pleasure craft with a drop down deck and solar panel to save energy.

4.Called the “Why” The designer Wally-Hermes decided to ask why not and created a yacht with a huge amount of deck space.

5.Schopfer Yachts designed it after an animal skull and named it “The Beast”


6.Yelken Octuri created an actual flying yacht which was designed after the Wright Brother’s first plane
flying yacht

7.The Emax Excalibur has a photo-voltaic exoskeletoncan offset up to 3,000 nautical miles worth of energy.
emax excalibur

8.Hyun-Seok Kim the designer named this creation after the Voronoi lattice pattern that covers its deck.voronoi

9. U-010 Yacht Submarine actually has a mini detachable sub
undersea yacht

10.The “Harizon” was designed to run through waves and not over them

11.The “Trilobis’ is submerged by 3 meters. It’s unique shape was formed after  the prehistoric Trilobite

12. Jaron Dickson’s “Ekrano” converts from a yacht to a an actual jet and is hydrogen powered.

13. It looks like  futuristic floating, self-contained, city. Yacht designs current creation has not been realized yet but I’m sure eventually someone with enough money will make it happen.

14.”The Streets Of Monaco” is just your average run of the mill mini city on a boat complete with car ramps and a helicopter landing pad. It looks more like an aircraft carrier than a yacht.

15. This concept for 128-metre yacht “The JAZZ Yacht”, has a sharp solid prow and becomes more open towards the back with an unique look. The designer in an interview says he like to incorporate sculpture ideas into his yacht designs.