16 Reasons Lambs Are An Explosion Of Cuteness

I’m not sure if any of these women with lambs are named Mary. But if they are Id die of laughter. After spending the afternoon compiling these dammit! I think I’m gonna buy a lamb this weekend.

1)Did you know lambs wagged their tails when they are happy? I didn’t
Have to wait for MRI results, Looking at happy lambs makes me calm - Imgur

2.When you pick up a lamb they act like they are on a amusement ride. WEEEEE!!!

3.How can you not LOVE that face!TqY1KFa

4.This guy isn’t messing around. Its funny how the person holding the camera doesn’t drop it to help the kid outTGPOb2f



7.Everyone loves lambs9aUC4tm

8.Public transportation farmstyleAGOurbc

9.Just test driving his new vehicle

10.They could make this into a movie seriously. “Lamb Chop”

11.Who’s chicken. I’m not!

12.These 2 are like salt and pepperNAvnqKb

13.This is me when I find out Someone hacked into my email accountrvzNrVo

14.A sheep dog hard at workulL4tEF

15.Must Be Russian
Lambs are cute. - Imgur

16.bah bah black sheep is your diaper full?
Yes sir, yes sir, but not with wool.