1970’S Bomb Shelter 26ft Under Ground Up For Sale


I wondering after looking at these pictures does it come with Brendan Fraser?

If  you are in the market for a 1970s underground family home, that is essentially a bomb shelter well then you are in luck.


This one in Las Vegas will allow you to live in for up to a year without resurfacing in the event of a an end of the world crisis. The  price is $1.7 million.


The house was said to have been built in 1978 to withstand a nuclear attack. It was constructed by a wealthy businessman, Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson.


In 1964, he tried his hand at another business venture and formed his company, “Underground World Homes”. Convinced that things with the Soviets weren’t going to end well in the Cold War, Henderson tried pitching his vision of underground living to America. At the New York World’s Fair in the mid sixties, his company sponsored the exhibit, “Why Live Underground”. But if Henderson was going to wait out the end of the world underground, he was going to do it in style.


And when I say style, I’m talking pink kitchen trim, pink toilets, green “grass” carpets, hot tubs, fake trees and a 360-degree mural mimicking an elaborate outdoor landscape, of course.