3 Incredible David And Goliath Matches in Nature

1)A Rabbit fights with a goat
Normally you wouldn’t think rabbit are aggressive in nature. You usually can’t find one that will defend himself. Usually they just run. Goats on the other hand are a little more territorial. on a quiet farm a vicious rabbit attacks a goat. The goat backs off and surprisingly the rabbit chases after it. Source https://www.paya.com/videos/1201859


2)Elephants are afraid of mice

In this video from myth busters tv show the hosts tested the myth that elephants area afraid of mice. What you will see is incredible!

3)A house cat defends himself against a woman

I hope this a lesson to people that think they can bully their animals whenever they feel like it. In this video the woman appears to be kicking snow in the cats face. The cat gets fed up and launches an awesome jump attack . the woman is terrified and runs away. It look like the cat has done some damage to her face as she is holding it when she runs away

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