3D Printed Cutting Edge Shoe Designs

With the advent of 3d printing technology the power to create new products has been put into every consumers hand. 3d printing inspired cloths are a natural progression of that. Here are some of the most recent cutting-edge 3d printed shoe designs.




2015-4-ben-van-berkel-unx2 Daphne-Leaves-1 featue-3D-printed-shoes-by-united-nude-and-3D-systems-at-milan-design-week-2015 images2 images london-layer-by-layer-show-1Schuh1

3D-printed-shoes-by-Iris-van-Herpen-and-Rem-D-Koolhaas_dezeen_1288x724 3D-printed-shoes10-cristina-francschini-eva-2 3d-printed-fashion-wearable-tech-shoes 3d neta soreq 4a8821ee96c3773e3ae124f5cccb7b47