The Worlds Smallest 3D Printer Is Awesome

Great now I can suck at drawing in 3D and not just 2D.

After being funded through a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013 the “3Doodler” or the worlds smallest 3d printer is gaining a lot of traction with artists.

There have been some Etsy store owner/wire artists that have created some amazing pieces of art for sale. Artists like Bud Bullivant, Ruth Jensen (Sparkflight), Nakisha and Ele McKay.

One of the things I like best about this invention is that the plastic being used is actually a “Bio-plastic” which is biodegradable and made from corn.

You are probably asking yourself what you can make from it. Actually quite a bit. You can 3Doodle on any flat surface and then peel it off to create a kind of freestyle 3d object. You can create parts individually then piece them together using the pen.

There are quite a few videos on Youtube pooping up showing how to make structures for mechanical objects like a Quadcopter

The top of this show was made with the 3D pen


Ele McKay’s designs





3d doodle dress
This dress was made with a 3D pen


big ben