4 Examples of Police Out of Control. #2 is Hilarious

Throughout the world police corruption is alive. Its unavoidable having people in a position of power over another. We support our police but there are always some bad apples in the bunch.

Some countries in the Europe and like Ukraine have a very serious and widespread problem on their hands. Its usually a sign the people running the country are corrupt as well. Here are 4 good examples why the police need to be kept in check just like the rest of us.

Some recent stats from use today state that 86% of residents of Liberia and Mongolia believe their police are corrupt.

1)Not sure where this is from but it looks somewhere in Europe.

Police - Imgur

2)The medic joined in a riot here

police meidc

3)Ukrainian riot police calling on someone

Ukranian Riot Police - Imgur

4)The police hard at work responding to a 241 call in progress.

Police respond to a 241... - Imgur

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