5 Technologies That Will Radically Change The World By 2030

Sci-Fi has always been a fantasy genre but what separated it from other fantasy is the reliance on technology within the stories. The best Sci-fi usually has one foot rooted in reality and current technologies then projects a future consequence of that technology or shows how it will affect us in the future.

That doesn’t mean that the technology will ever actually be created though. These technologies listed below have been talked about in sci-fi novels before and will highly likely become a reality in the very near future based on current technological trends in R&D within the next 15 years

1)Interplanetary Internet.

There are several groups working on interplanetary internet or communications. “Interplanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG)” is one of them along with other government groups like NASA. The idea is to create a network of satellites so that we can speed up transmissions going out longer distances with the more satellites we have. This would of course be usefully if we were to start interplanetary settlements.








2)Artificial intelligent assistants

Much like tony Starks Jarvis we will have personal assistants with advanced AI or very close to it. There are already many projects attempting to do this such as Goolge’s SIRI for cell phones to assistant people. With Ray Kurzweil now an employee at Google to develop advanced AI programs the future looks very bright for it.

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3)Anti aging intervention

There are tons touted anti-aging remedies and cures coming out daily. Most do nothing or at best very little. With all the money and attention its receiving along with people viewing death as more of a disease than a undesirable fact of life there will eventually be some product that comes out that will really affect the aging process or stop aging all together.  The constant advances in research being done now within 15 years seems like a very real time frame to see some serious results.

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4)Lab grown organs and meat

The United nations world food program recently stated that 842million people are not having enough to eat daily and with the our increasing worlds population putting stain on natural resources we will have to come up with some alternative ideas to deal with theses problems. Lab  grown food seems like a good alternative. Scientists are already growing organs and tissues in the lab. And are very close to having a market worthy finished product. This is something that could revolutionize the food industry as we know it . This will likely happen in 5-10 years

ogrw meat





5)Personal fabricators in every home

With the 3d printers market already exploding the sales and program development going through the roof  ad that  it already being highly affordable to most people it seems like this may be the most disruptive technology beside the internet and cell phone to come along in the next few decades. This could potentially revolutionize all industries. It reminds me of Star Trek when everyone had their own synthesizer to make whatever food they wanted except that we could potentially make out own cloths, building materials or even weapons. This could also be solution to our garbage problem.


peronsla fabricators

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