7 Creepy Urban Myths You Won’t Believe are Actually True. You Have Got To See These!!

1) Body in the wall

For 27 years a former member of the national guard and supposed bank robber was apparently stuck in a banks wall for 27 years. It was discovered upon  a renovation to the bank in the southern Louisiana city of Abbe ville.

man stuck in chimney







2) Being buried alive

Back in the 19th century it was actually very common. There were over 200 documented cases of this occurring. Back then the medical field wasn’t quite as advanced as it is now

Ryan Reynolds buried alive









3) Bugs nesting in your ear while you sleep

Rochelle Harris is a 27 year old woman that while vacationing in Peru actually had this problem. When she returned home she started hearing scratching noises and having pain in her ears. Upon going to the doctor she discovered she had a family of flesh eating maggots in her ear canal

Maggots in womans ear


4)Animals crawling out of toilet from the sewer. 

There was a case of a giant rat in a mans toilet that actually crawled up his sewer pipe

Rat in toilet

5)Being paranoid of someone watching you all the time from the shadows

In 2008 a Japanese man moved into a new house. shortly there after he began hearing noises coming from his attic and noticing food being displaced and stuff moved around in his home. Upon searching the attic he discovered a homeless woman had been living there for  year. she was stealing food and even taking showers. he only discovered her upon installing a secret camera. later he found that she was accessing the kitchen from a pantry door. in the video one time when he was in the kitchen she was only a few feet away from him

Watching from the shadows

6)Black water in houses that are haunted

There was this very problem in the hotel Cecil in los angeles . Guests began complaining of the water in their rooms was smelling funny upon drinking it. when the maintenance personnel did the inspection they discovered a dead body in a water tank on the room of the hotel.

Black water

7) There are organ thieves that will steal your organs from you when vacationing

In India in 2008 an India worker was hired for a new job. when he arrived he was drugged and knocked out. upon awakening on  steel table he discovered his kidneys gone. In China, Brazil and Egypt the illegal organ market is actually quite big

organ thieves



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