7 Ways To Become The Master Of Your Poop Color

Now you can be the master of your own domain in more than 1 way. You can control the color of your own poop. As far as I know there are at least 7 different colors you can get to manage this. You are probably wondering why would you would want to do that. Normally poop is brown or a mixture of colors. People have different reasons for this. Maybe boredom, curiosity or just want to be different. Either way here is the list.

1)Turn it pink

You can use Frankenberry cereal for this. Back in 1972 a child was admitted to the hospital for rectal bleeding. As it turns out he didn’t have rectal bleeding and in fact had only eaten Frankenberry cereal and it was the red dye (FD&C Red No. 2 and No. 3)


2)Turn it green
Boo-berry cereal from the same makers as Frankenberry cereal can cause the stool to turn green.Red wine does this as well.red wine doesn’t only turn it green but bright green.This is a result of a diet that’s high in fruit and sugars. Green poop is also a sure sign of constipation or diarrhea, since the chemicals that your intestines use to break down substances are green. many people have green poop from time to time, but if it persists for a while you really should go see a doctor. Eating a lot of green leafy vegetables can also help you attain this color.

green poop collage



3)Turn it purple. Make Barney poop!

Eating beets are a sure fire way to turn your poop purple.

4)Turn is blue. Alien poop
blue velvet cake
The blue dye in blue velvet cake doesn’t get digested by your intestines which is why it comes out in your poop. Its great for playing a joke on someone.

5)Turn it red
Usually a sign of red stool means you have internal bleeding or really serious constipation.in this case you need to go see a doctor immediately. You can use red stool to maybe get out of work for the day. To get red poop you can eat a cherry slush, eat cherry Laffy Taffy, eat Red Velvet cake or my favorite which is flaming hot cheetos.

6)Turn it black
Black stool can also be a sign of internal bleeding. If you are not eating one of these items and it persists then you may want to see a doctor. Guinness beer, and kind of black licorice or pepto bismol
pepto bismol

7)Sparkly poo. Or also known as bling poo!
edible glitter
There are a few ways to do this. You can make your own in the recipe above and then add it to any food you wish or you can get party and get wasted at the same time by drinking Goldschlager.

colored poop
Image from E.Chromi

An honorable mention is a yogurt drink called “E.Chromi” that scientist created back in 2012 that interacts with stomach bacteria that in turn indicates different kind of ailments you may have. A different color indicates a different ailment.

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