7 Situation’s Where A Dying Battery Became The Bane Of Your Existence

I know you are thinking this when you really need your phone but the battery is almost dead or just died. These people feel your pain and maybe a little more.

1.when this guys hair clipper battery died 1 hour before his first day of class. I guess he could just say he likes will-I-am
battery died1

2.when this guy found out that cellphones with Lithium Polymer batteries will unconditionally spontaneously ignite when exposed to oxygen.

3.When owners of hardware stores found out its this easy for steel wool to catch on fire from a battery

4.James Franco looks like he’s ready to die here and he is in “127 Hours” when he needed his phone the most it!!! :-O

5.The time this little girl touched her tongue to the end of a battery

6.There’s nothing worst than a battery dying at the worst time like when this guys drone battery started dying right over water and he had to jump in to save it

7.Hell!! Even our pets know our pain and mimic it.

Especially when we all wish things were this easy

Fear not though there is hope. In fact there is actually a way you can recharge all dead batteries and reuse them. I don’t mean rechargeables but regular batteries.  You literally will never have to buy another new battery again. Huge battery companies like Duracell PRAY You Never See This Revealing Video

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