8 Bizarre Ads on Craigslist This Month

1)Chicken Diapers4630051473-1

Need Chicken Diapers?

Do you have indoor chickens or ducks? Do you need diapers for your fowl to keep your house clean? We can help!We make custom chicken/duck diapers in a variety of fabric colors and patterns.Prices range from $9 to $12 each.


2) Free Troll Bridge
I have a troll bridge that is no longer needed in our community. For decades our area has gladly liven alongside the troll kingdom neighboring us. This bridge served as a passageway between our world and theirs. We have always liven in peace and harmony. Until recently the Troll Overlord decide the strike against us in hope of capturing our neighborhood. We banded together five hundred strong and smashed the Troll rebellion leaving no survivors. It was a battle for the ages. Now the bridge that held our worlds together is no longer needed and it’s time for it to go. This bridge is 100% prepayment Elf Wood worth a fortune back in Oz.

3)Pets no one else wants

Barn Kittens: Blood Thirsty Sisters Free to a Good Home
We have two kittens in need of a new home. Now, when I say kittens, I know you’re expecting two lovable fluff balls that you could bond and cuddle with. I assure you that this is not the case.

These sisters are two unstoppable forces of hell fire and lightning. They were born for the sole purpose of wrecking the day of any candy ass mouse, rat, or hippy that is unfortunate enough to cross their path.

What’s that? You wanna pet them?
Good luck, mother fucker!

These little rage cannons will leave you feeling empty as they neglect you to further their search for prey. But if you can respect them and leave well enough alone, the sisters will keep your home rodent free and you’ll love them for it.

Name: Mew
Color: Calico
Bio: This cat is all business all the time. Of the two, she is easily the most vicious. She was born when the waves of Poseidon crashed upon the last saber tooth tiger. The result – the living embodiment of fear in the eyes of all mouse kind.

Color: Russian Blue
Bio: The more stealthy of the duo, Lady Espurr prefers clinging to the shadows, patiently awaiting the perfect moment to strike. Though not quite as vicious as Mew, she is still a trained killer with a heart of ice and a hunger for murder.

These kittens are not kid friendly.
They don’t like people.
They feel no pain and cannot be reasoned with.

But if you need barn cats to get rid of rats and other such pests, they’re your girls.
Sorry I can’t enclose pics. As with all evil entities their image can’t be captured on film and I’m too scared to try

4)Weird Personal Ads

Do you Like Toast?

Girl that I’m looking for that special someone who will share my passion for toast, all kinds of toast — white toast, whole-wheat toast, rye toast, toasted bagels (and when I’m feeling wild and crazy, a Pop Tart.) To me, toast is the ultimate turn-on. There is nothing like a man who smells like toast! I picture us sitting on a couch in front of my sixty toasters, getting nice and toasty, sipping brandy from glasses with croutons floating in them, talking endlessly about the splendors of toast. Perhaps one day you will ask me to spread butter and jam on your body. Or cream cheese — I’m not particular. Are you that special man?

5)Odd product pairing/combos for sale
Like New Blk. Working Boots/Free Barbie
I’ve got bad feet. Only used them twice. In excellent condition. Like new blk. working boots for ONLY $20.00. PLUS I’m giving you 3 BONUSES: Like New Barbie Princess Styling Head. Excellent for a small girl. And also as a bonus: Needle point Jewellery Kit for small girl. And A New Microwave Extention Cord. You can move your microwave anywhere in the kitchen. That’s a great deal. The boots are size 13.

6)Scary research studies
Need a light haired women under 40 years old to resolve an argument
Subject will need to be:



-Under 40 years of age

-Living in or near the West Bend area

-Currently beardless

-Able to prove that they are shaving three times a week for the duration of three months through video/photo evidence or eye witness account.

Subjects applying for this part-time position should be fair skinned and have lighter hair color in order to facilitate accurate measurement of post-shaving hair thickness and darkness.

At the end of the three month test period the subject will receive $195.00 ($5 per shaving session)

All materials necessary for shaving will be provided by my brother in-law who thinks you will develop a beard.

I (along with the entire medical and scientific community) think you will not develop a beard, and will be supplying the paycheck.

7) Unsexy people trying to use sex to sell

1988 fj 62 Toyota land cruiser very sexy

Selling to buy a motorcycle so may also be interested in a trade for a bike.


8)One of a kind items you will never find anywhere else
1998 honda accord 3.0 v-tech dually
alright for sale is something that you will never see again
and might have to see to believe. its a highly customized 1998 honda accord.
it has 198k on it. there is a long list of custom work

whelen off road spot lights
44 inch off road spot and flood bar
chevy visor
cab lights
8 cb wips
back up beeper
boat air horns
custom paint
pa speaker
smoke stack exhaust
pintle hitch
rear dually and deally fenders.
dodge tow mirrors

there is nothing wrong with the car just want to see if i can sell it for anything.
will trade or consider reasonable offers.

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