8 Reasons Everyone Should Be Playing Tug-Of-War


Back in the early 1900’s there used to be tug of war competitions everywhere. There even used to be high school and college teams playing it like in the picture above. Its an awesome sport that nearly anyone can play. Personally I think it should be an olympic sport

Tiger tug of war at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay – all i can say is “nope on a rope” I’d bet Charlie sheen could beat them all since he has tiger blood

The best and pony show ever!
dog an horse

Almost anyone can play with anyone
Baby (vs) Beagle in an epic tug of war - Imgur

Everyone in Japan already knows how awesome it is and even create a game show after it
Potato Quality Pantyhose-Face Tug Of War - Imgur

You can multitask. That’s one way to clean your floors!
this is how my dog plays tug of war... - Imgur

It can be incredibly cute and entertaining to watch
Kid dog food bowl tug of war - Imgur

When the guy in front of you farts during tug-of-war it can be hilarious
MRW im in a tug of war and the guy in front of me unleashes a nasty fart - Imgur

There are m any variations of it like Redneck tug-of-war