9 Reasons Why WWE Wrestling Fans Are WAY! More Entertaining Than Wrestling Itself

I’m not sure if people know this but WWE wrestling is fake. I just assumed everyone knew. Apparently not. In fact these people don’t just believe its real but get waaaay to carried away with it.

I guess its true what they say: “There’s no cure for stupid”

Maybe they are smoking what the rock is cooking

1.Its like this guy has never heard a swear word before. Maybe its his first time. His reaction is priceless
This man just heard his first curse word - Imgur

2.The little metal head girl is probably pissed because her favorite wrestler lost.

3.These fans are absolutely shocked and don’t know what to do about the events that have occurred to Brock lesnar.
1 - VkAkBa4

4.The complete inability to even……
2 - DDZoYuK

5.I always wondered what kind of people would pay top dollar to get ringside seats at one of these stupid events
3 - vZoegZK

6.Theres only one other kind of sports fan in the world that I know of that acts this way. SOCCER FANS!
4 - zd1fwLZ

7.Its like they just witnessed someone getting killed
5 - Ence3BY

8. Just goes to show you what kind of people you are dealing with. Ignorant redneck types that probably mumble; “Yeah beat the gay out of him!”
Crazy wrestling fans
9.Don’t you hate it when brothers and sisters fight
crazy wrestling fans