A 23 Year Old Student Went Blind. You Will Never Believe How. Its Disgusting!!!!!!!!!

The acanthamoeba slowly ate away at the girl’s eyeball through tiny open wounds

A student Lian Kao 23 in Taiwan has gone blind after she left a pair of disposable contact lenses in her eyes for six months. Under the pressure of work and school neglected basic hygiene.

After 6 months of wearing her contact lenses without taking them out and cleaning them even once microscopic bugs ate her eyeballs. Many times during that period she even went swimming.

The doctors that treated her explained that The bugs that attacked her were a single-cell amoeba which multiplied between the lens and her eyeball which ended up eat away at her cornea and eventually costing her her sight.

Not removing the lenses resulted in a lack of oxygen to reach the eyeballs which them allowed small wounds to open. The bacteria would them enter the wounds and infect her eyes.

Wu Jiang-liang, director of ophthalmology explains that people that wear contact lenses are more prone to eye diseases than most. She should only have used them for 1 month and then gotten a new pair.

When wearing contact lenses it is recommended to not wear contacts for more than eight hours a day. They should be regularly cleaned and be removed when swimming and washing.

The bacteria that infected her acanthamoeba keratitis, is rare, but more common in summer.

BN3KT7 SEM of an Acanthamoeba polyphaga protozoa

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