A Cat Was Stuck In A Wall For 5 Years Is Finally Rescued

biso 1A cat that has been living behind a Cairo train station wall for more than 5 years was finally rescued in March of this year.

Thanks go to animal activists who recognized the picture of a “Biso” the cat’s tail coming out from behind a wall after it went viral on Facbook. Shortly afterwards Ms Shehata and her fellow animal rights activists Marwa Elgebaly and Rania el-Kordy decided to go save the cat on March 12.

The tale of Biso began when he was a kitten. It was thought he would escape behind the train station wall to avoid larger cats back in 2010. One day he stayed too long and grew too large to escape. Stuck behind the wall he survived because an elderly man named uncle Abdo fed him scraps of food and water daily for the last 5 years.
Uncle Abdo explained that years earlier the workers at the train station tried to free Biso but afraid he retreated deeper into the wall where they could not free him.

When they finally freed him the workers explained:
“The smell was heinous” “It was like a tomb”

As soon as the workers entered the hole to free Biso, he quickly bolted out and ran away to hide elsewhere in the train station. Uncle Adbo is still looking for him since then.