A Church Of Bacon Has Just Been Created…No Kidding!

Advertisement for The church of Bacon
Advertisement for The church of Bacon
Just think you could have a bacon wedding ring!

The church of bacon is real believe it or not. The name sounds funny but they have a serious mission as stated on their website homepage. They were brought into existence back in 2010 to fight discrimination against atheists.

The concept was inspired by Penn Jillette of “Penn and Teller” fame after they wondered aloud if they should start a church with a funny name and demand all the benefits of a regular church.

You could have your kids dress up in bacon inspired tuxedo’s

Now 4000 members strong the church of bacon performs ceremonies like weddings, and raises money for charities while exposing lies behind religious groups

Interested in signing up? You can at their website UnitedChurchofBacon.org