A Colorado Town’s Entire Police Force Quit

Over the last year there have been many accounts of police resigning after all the race related incidents and riots across the U.S.

A Colorado police department in Green Mountain Falls took things even further when their entire force resigned

The department only had 4 employees in a small town of about 700 residents. A marshal and 3 deputies which have yet to speak out publicly about their reasons to leave their jobs.

Affiliate stations for CNN KOAA and KXRM investigated


“The town’s talking,” CNN affiliate KOAA reported, “but the few who know why the marshal suddenly left, so far, are not speaking up.” The lights were out in the police station, CNN affiliate KXRM reported. Patrol cars remained empty and parked, covered with snow from a recent storm, according to KOAA.

It was speculated that it was an election year and a new mayor was sworn in that the police chief did not agree with her policies.

Mayor Jane Newberry, who just took office last week in the town that’s about 15 miles northwest of Colorado Springs.


“In an election year, there’s always some people who choose to stay and some people who choose to go, and I think that happens at every level of government,” Newberry told KOAA .

Just because there aren’t currently police working for the city doesn’t mean there aren’t law enforcement officers protecting the town, or others who residents can call for help in Green Mountain Falls, she said.

“I’ve stressed many times that the town is perfectly safe,” she said. “One of the advantages of a small town — we have less than 700 full-time residents — is neighbors look out for each other.”


The Teller County Sheriff’s Office will also provide assistance, Newberry said, in addition to the Colorado State Patrol.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time the town has been left without police. Back in 2013 the Marshal at the time resigned during a restructuring, Newberry said, and wasn’t rehired until four months later.