A Female Stunt Driver Pranks Her Unsuspecting Dates

A female stunt driver who played the part of a dumb blonde has taken the concept of speed dating to a whole new level. She was recruited by Ford to play pranks on her dates. The men were to meet her at a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas, before offering them a lift home in her 2015 Mustang GT.

The men are left speechless as she leaves the parking lot reaching speeds of 120mph

From the donuts and power-slides seen in the video, the woman clearly isn’t holding anything back. Smoke from the burning rubber fills the air.
stunt driver5
‘Oh yeah baby. That’s what I’m talking about!’ one of her passengers exclaims.
stunt driver 1
‘Why are we going so fast?’ another man quips, as he pulls a worried facial expression.

After taking some pride in her driving abilities, the woman asks one of the men what he thinks.

‘So I guess you’re showing me how to drive this thing aren’t ya,’ he responds while catching his breath.
stunt driver3

When she later revealed her identity she mentions,
‘I’m a professional stunt driver,’ she says with a grin on her face as she points out the secret cameras in her Mustang.

She explains that the whole thing was a set up arranged by Ford in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

Despite being duped, one man concludes: ‘This is like the best first date I’ve been on in my life.’

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Caught on camera: Many viewers have said how it highlights the awkwardness of dating with the men coming up with ‘boring chat’ and confidently describing themselves as ‘well-rounded’ and ‘very adventurous’