A Hidden Gun That Looks Like A Cellphone Is Alarming Police

An American gun nicknamed the “iPhone Gun” that recently went on sale is alarming police everywhere. European police are being warned about potential importing of the gun.  The Ideal Conceal pistol, a .380 calibre handgun that can be folded up to look like a generic smartphone.

The gun was created by Minnesota-based manufacturer Ideal Conceal, the double-barrelled pistol can carry two bullets and comes complete with laser sights. The pistol grip can be folded upwards to disguise the weapon as an unassuming mobile phone.

According to The Times, Ideal Conceal has already received 12,000 pre-orders for the handgun, which costs $395  and is due to begin shipping during the first quarter of 2017.

According to its manufacturer, the Ideal Conceal pistol has been designed to “hide in plain sight” and easily fits into a purse or back pocket, making it “virtually undetectable”. The gun fires high-velocity ammunition, meaning it can be discharged with speed and is hammerless so that the pistol does not have to be “cocked” before being fired.

“The idea for Ideal Conceal follows the present-day demand for handguns that people can carry on a day to day basis, in a manner that makes carrying a gun easy to do. From soccer moms to professionals of every type, this gun allows you the option of not being a victim.”