A Minnesota Man Has Spent More Than 15 Years Building An Amazing Cat Paradise

It has taken Greg Krueger nearly 15 years to create his monstrous cat house. Kruegar who hails from St. James Minnesota who was diagnosed with autism last year says may explain his affinity for cats and not people.

He is constantly trying to think of ways to improve the existing cat-raption. Right now it includes luxury rooms, intricate stairways, tunnels and of course catwalks.

Photo by Greg Kruegar

Krueger is happiest when at home with his cats because as he says.
“They’re “the only ones who have always understood him.” And, you know, building a house for the people who have always accepted you? It sounds like a pretty important endeavor. Because even though Krueger technically lives alone, he says “I don’t feel like I live alone, even though I’m the only person living here. We’re like a family.”