After A Racoon Died Something Incredible Happened

In Toronto a man at 9am on a Thursday decided to report a dead racoon.By noon people began leaving notes and creating a memorial to the dead racoon.

Later that night former deputy major norm Kelly asked residents to leave their green recycling bins open as a sign of respect to the dead racoon.

The next day after the racoon had been picked up by the city and disposed of people are still bringing candles there.

01 - At 9 AM on Thursday a man in Toronto reported a dead raccoon on the sidewalk to the city 02 - Message received 03 - Around noon however someone placed a note next to it 04 - 6 hours later he was found with a flower a card and a framed photo 05 - Someone gave the raccoon its own personal memorial hastag DeadRaccoonTO 06 - p7CLDJA 07 - Sharpies and memorial cards appeared 08 - At around 8 PM he was still there and the flowers were piling up 09 - One city councilor offered to leave bins open as a sign of mourning and respect 10 - Almost 12 hours later  at 820 PM  the raccoon was still there 11 - Passersby began a candlelight vigil 12 - Someone even places a Jesus candle 13 - The proper authorities will only move this little fella when enough funds are raised 14 - People continued to leave him messages of love and grief 16 - Goodnight sweet prince17 - Hes gone but people are still lighting candles