After These People Got Divorced, The Cakes They Made For Their Divorce Party Were Hilarious

With nearly a 50% divorce rate. And even higher during the Calgary Stampede. People ask themselves what do you do when you get divorced? Well recently they have decided to have a party and celebrate at new start to their lives. The cakes made for these celebrations are usually comical in nature but sometimes a little scary as well.

Other things to do at a divorce party.
1)Trash your wedding dress(s)
2)Bury your wedding ring symbolically
3)Some people play their wedding video backwards
4)Wear t-shirts advertising they are now free
or back on the market

Celebrities have started doing this as well. People have always gone on benders with their friends but now its turned into a fulls scale planned party.British model Katie Price had a 12 hour party in Ibiza and American actress Shannon moakler recently had a 3 tier divorce cake made for hers.

Part of the problem is the legal turmoil people have to go through to legally divorce. Many times it drags out for 3 or even 4 years in some states like Maryland that it becomes this big hurdle to overcome. Of course people are going to feel like its a victory afterwards.

Many businesses are begin in to see the opportunities in this new market and are capitalizing on it. Gentlemen’s clubs, caterers, party organizers, and of course lawyers are all targeting the newly divorced.

A divorcee Alexis Flanagan who is a therapist had this to say about getting divorced.

” My divorce was the most self-loving thing that I had done for a long time. I could re-evaluate what was important in my life. Just two years into my marriage I had realized it was not what I wanted. But I was stuck in my toxic marriage for ten years, of which nearly four was going though the legal process which is particularly complicated in the State of Maryland. I felt liberated – of course I was going to celebrate! I detached myself from the church which had kept me in an unhealthy relationship and I guess the divorce led me indirectly to the career I’m now in as a holistic health therapist, which encourages people to take their own decisions.”

Below are some divorce cakes from people that really wanted their ex’s to know just how they felt.

divorce cake 2.jpg
Bite me (Picture: Maria Knightley)
100309 div5
divorce cake 3.jpg
Deliska’s Delights
Heather Cunningham @Songthrush_h
Loretta Tobin
Maria Knightley
Randy Slack


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