As A Father With Two Young Daughters, This Will Be My Future

Being a father with boys it’s easy to understand where they are coming from. When you have daughters, things are a little different. You have to start putting yourself in the position of how a women would handle things. I sat contemplating one day what the future holds for me and this is what i came up with.


1.I will constantly have to be protecting them from harm as well as fearing for their lives all the while

Father Saves Daughter From Being Run Over - Imgur

2. I will dread the day she becomes a teenager and hope she never turns out like this

3.Only with clenched teeth and fists will i let her date. Even then I do own a gun and will leave it out in the open for him to see when her boyfriend comes over

4.When she asks to do something provocative I’ll need to come up with creative ways of tell her no in a way that women only understand.
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5.I will have top prepare myself mentally for when they get old enough that i will be the punch-line and not the joke teller

6.I will need to gain nerves of steel learning to raise a member of the opposite sex

7.I will need to come up with creative ways of punishment like this dad who made his daughter wear a t-shirt with his face on it to school for a week

8.I will need to learn how to teach my daughter proper grooming habits of women

9.I will have to do girly activities and enjoy them

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