Ballons Banned On City Of Toronto Property. Why?

Fact: Helium balloons, including the releasing of said balloons, are not permitted on City of Toronto property. Read it for yourself on page 19 of the Special Events Planning Guide.

What actually happened though is city staff don’t want to take the time to inspect all balloons. They don’t know if they are helium filled or regularly blown balloons so they just decided to ban all balloons to save time.

If you think it may be one of Rob Ford’s goofy laws possibly during a substance induced state then think again. It was actually passed during the mayor Miller era. Rob Ford and his bother Doug have actually been trying to get away from what they called “a nanny state mentality”. An article by the Toronto star back in June 2011 brought up issues about Toronto being the city of no fun and that there are too many laws that make little to no sense.

A few laws that Doug and Rob Ford have been battling against over the last few years include:

1) The pet licensing fee or Municipal Code Chapter 349.

2)The 5-cent plastic bag tax which has already been overturned.

3)TheĀ  ban on street hockey

4)Fighting against a proposal to ban the sale of sugary beverages in city rinks, parks and recreation facilities.

Say what you will abut Rob Ford but some of his ideas make a lot of sense.robford-hgh


That being said this jpeg is just too funny not to share

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