Brave Diver Discovers A Monster In Brazil

A team of snake enthusiasts took these amazing pictures of a 23 foot anaconda in Mato Grasso Brazil a couple of years ago.

Photographers Franco Banfi and  Jiří Řezníček teamed with naturalist Daniel DeGranville, say that they were not all that scared since they waited for the anaconda to eat first before getting up close enough to take the shots.

Many of the images were taken underwater where the anaconda often waits until it sees prey break the surface of the water to strike.

Throughout history snakes have usually been thought of a villainous but they are actually quite shy around humans. There have been reports of Anaconda’s reaching up between 35-40 feet in length.

If you were on the surface of the water you would never be able to see the monster lurking beneath





You can see the anaconda sunbathing here after just devouring a rodent