Brave Or Idiotic: People Are Risking Their Lives For Selfies

People are so idiotic/brave sometimes. They are willing to risk life and limb just to do something daring that is pointless, meaningless or worse just to be cool. To be sure though its entertaining for us.

1. She decided to take a crocodile selfie despite authorities warning people not to.


2.These 2 women were spotted climbing to the top of a 120ft tower turning their back to the edge and taking pictures of themselves.

3.This guy goes by the name mustang wanted. He and his pals scale the sides of buildings in the 1000’s of meters high. He skateboards on the side of buildings and hangs by one hand sometimes when hes bored. I predict he will be dead by next year.
mustang wanted

4.Kirill Oreshkin is like mustang wanted. I’d be surprised if they aren’t pals. Here you can see him on top of the Moscow state university tower. No strings attached and not Photoshopped.
kiril oshkin

5. This guy decided to set himself on fire for a selfie
on fire

6.This guy went on a bull run and took selfies while doing it.
bull run

7.This guys plane is going down. So whats the first thing he does? Take a selfie

8.Camel selfie of the year. Too bad she probably won’t be alive to see the final image.
camel selfie

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