Burger King Has Outdone Themselves With Their New Mac n’ Cheetos


The world of food mashups and brand mashups knows no bounds. The Japanese by far likely have the craziest of all the mashups. Sometimes they are big hits and sometimes just well….yuck!!!

The latest edible remix, Burger King has created something the people didn’t even know they wanted: Cheetos powder-dusted mozzarella sticks filled with deep-fried macaroni and cheese.

For just $2.49 will get you a 5-piece order of these coagulated orange clumps of processed cheese, and they come with ranch dressing dipping sauce because The Burger King knows taste. It’s only available in select Burger Kings in Southern California for now, but if we all work together, we can make this a permanent thing. We can do this, you guys!

The YouTube fast food reviewer below was lucky enough to try out the Mac n’ Cheetos, eating it inside his car fresh from the drive-thru: the way all fast food is meant to be eaten.

His verdict: “They are pretty good!!!!”

Bloomberg ran a poll asking what people think of it. old they try it…yes or no. The results are listed below

cheetos survey2