Camel Chews Off Owners Head After He Left It In The Sun All Day

js88687293Camels are usually thought of  as being heat resistant and able to survive  harsh weather but even they have their limits.

An Indian man Urjaram, a man from a village in Rajasthan, learned this lesson the hard way. After accidentally leaving his camel out in the hot sun all day his camel had had enough and literally bit off his head killing the man.

From local accounts it seems Urjaram had been entertaining guests when he remembered that he left his camel out in the heat with its legs tied up.

tm670-camel-chews-bites-off-owner-s-head-2016-1464023305-991129409When Urjaram went to untie its feet to move the animal to a cooler area, the camel attacked him. First by picking him up and throwing him and then proceeding to chew off his head.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time this particular camel acted violently. It took 25 villagers six hours to finally calm down the camel enough to retrieve the body.

There have been other incidents reported of camels attacking people. Back in 2014 a camel bit a 4 month old babies head at a circus in France