Can You Guess What This Is? And …..No Its Not A Giant Ball Of Cotton Candy!

When I first saw this picture I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought maybe a giant hair ball or a really hairy sheep like in the picture below. AS it turned out its an Angora rabbit. This is Ida the Angora rabbit. She has been winning awards around the USA for best rabbit in show.  Ida is part of a collection of Angora rabbits owned by Betty Chu who is a retired professor from San Jose State University.


We bet you've never seen a rabbit like this before...
Picture: Betty Chu

Back in 18th Century France Angora Rabbits (originally from Turkey) were once popular pets for royalty
Betty has been touring around the US with the fur balls for the shows as part of the Northern California Angora Guild.

As it turns out Angora rabbits can grow their fur up to 10 inches long. The average rabbit grows only 1 inch.

Betty has created a special process for preparing her rabbits for a show that includes blow drying the fur for volume.

A great side benefit of owning an Angora rabbit is that Betty can shear their hair and uses the fur to make scarfs, hats or gloves which she sells on etsy. Made she should start up the first ethical rabbit fur farm.


Picture: Betty Chu)
Picture: Betty Chu)
Picture: Betty Chu)
Picture: Betty Chu)

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