Cannibal Couture And The Human By-Product Market

The human waste and by-product market has been growing in popularity . Due to its grotesque appeal its also referred to as cannibal couture. There is just about anything you can think of made from human by-products. From clothing and medications to household cleaning products. Here are a few examples of what is offered.

1)The teeth shoes by Fantich & Young. They also have a whole studio of products they are creating with human hair


2)Here are some examples of hair dresses being modeled now. They gained a lot of attention a couple of years ago when lady Gaga wore one to an awards ceremony.

hair dresses
Left: Artidjana’s blonde creation. Centre: dress by Charlie Le Mindu. Right: skirt by Lauren Mayhew.

3)This jewelery is made from fingernail and toenail clippings

Jewellery by Australian designer Polly van der Glas

4)These cute little bears may look a little odd to you. Maybe its because they are made from belly button lint.

American artist Betty Rae Case creates teddy bears out of her own naval lint

5)Human teeth jewelery. Nuff said

Jewellery by Betty Rae Case, human ivory and Beeswax resin

6)This perfume is literally made from human feces. Whats even more shocking is that more than 25 people have actually bought it.

By British artist Jammie Nicholas

7)Human ear wax- You can actually use ear wax to help alleviate the symptoms of cold sores. There is a tutorial on eHow showing you how to do this.

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