Costumes That Are Just….NO!!!!

Some people are incredibly creative but really have no taste. Some of these people should probably be put down.
1.Something about this scared the hell out of me.

2.Stay classy or dont. I’d like to know how they convinced her to do this?
Eiffel Towered - Imgur

3. Now we need Bat-nana so they can fight!!
My friend's coworker dressed up as Bane-nana. Thought it belonged here. - Imgur

4.Hard to tell if Lebron is promoting progressive or giving them a subtle “You SUCK!… But I want the money so Ill still wear the shirt” message
LeBron's Halloween Costume - Imgur

5.I’m torn between this being the best or possibly the worst. Oscar Pistorious is scary. Just don’t hide in the bathroom from him!!!!!!!!

6.Daphne giving Scooby a BJer.Just….NO!
scooby doo

7.The creepiest Homer costume I’ve ever seen

8.Even the Pro Abortion crowd wouldn’t approve

9.Bad Parenting 101: I will not dress up my kids as drug kingpins.

10.Hmm starting a little early

11. Well…. At least someones prepared.

12.Isn’t Halloween really supposed to be for kids?

13.Yeah that’s it! Recruit them young
lil terrorist

14.These guys might likely get beat up walking in the wrong part of town

15.Racism is definitely scary
neighborhood watch

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