Crazy Themed Restaurants And Cafe’s

1)SHOOTERS -In Rifle Colorado actually welcomes you to bring your guns into the restaurant.


2)SIGNS – A restaurant in Toronto Ontario for deaf people that offers food while teaching you sign language. The deaf servers invite hearing patrons to use ASL to order from an their menu. They ask customers to order food and drink using sign language with assistance from a “cheat book” that illustrates how to sign menu items. The owner Anjan Manikumar has created a kind of community service for a deaf population that also helps them find work.


3)RYOGOKU – A Sumo themed restaurant at Ryogoku Station in Tokyo Japan. It has a sumo ring in the middle of the restaurant with performances and shows on Saturdays.


4)VAMPIRE CAFE– Based on various vampire movies and tv shows like HBO’s popular TRUE BLOOD isn’t as

5)ROBOT RESTAURANT – In Tokyo also. Just so its clear people don’t really go there for the food but rather for he sexy women dancing with robots. The shows are about 75mins long.


6)LITTLE BSD – In Akihabara, the center of otaku culture(anime and manga and other crazy fetish obsessed people), this is a bar where the waitresses, dressed in cosplay, serve you crazy food and drinks, in an interesting manner.
bsd cd poster
7)Prison restaurants -find out what it feels like to live in a prison and eat a meal there. There are two of them. One in shibuya prison hospital called Alcatraz ER and the other is called Lockup 2999 has waitresses that handcuff you upon entering. And yes both are located in Tokyo.


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