Creative Post-It-Note Art Ideas

Post-It-Notes when first created were actually a failure by a chemist to create a super strong adhesive. Decades later they are everywhere and used for creative purposes. Here are a few examples of how creative people get with them.


1.Pretty cool. Someone clearly has too much time on their hands at work thoughtogether

2. A Japanese pack of gum includes a small number of post it notes to put your gum on
SIDENOTE: This guys hangnails really bother mepost it1

3.Very creative idea!! Maybe I should put them on my chin to catch the crumbs from my bagel.postit2

4.Create some animation with them

5.Wall size post it art. Link disapproves of this lamp

6.This guy saved his post it notes for 8 months and decided to litter the forest with them.

7.They can be used to express emotion
postit 7

8.And express our deepest sorrows