Deranged Japanese Commercials are Hands Down the Best

Gyunyu Milk Japanese Commercial

McDonald’s tries to get sexy in japan

Katamari Commercial

This is why I only drink water

Why did you choose me?

Antidote for workaholics

Always know where you get your parts from

Tree catching is an ancient discipline where only the strong survive.

Banned commercial in japan

Fujifilm commerical

Probably the weirdest of the bunch. Which says a lot. Inochi the gender bending alien is featured in it

Actually a tea commercial. Even though its has nothing to do whatsoever with tea

Wonder core
Japanese commercials. Never cease to amaze me - Imgur

You’ll never guess what this is about
Old but still one of my fav Japanese commercials. - Imgur

Energy Drink commercial
The least weird of many japanese commercials in my imgur folder - Imgur

The next 9 videos feature celebrities. The Arnold ones are full of awesomeness!

1 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

2 - George Lucas

3 - Michael J Fox

4 - Charlie Sheen

5 - John Travolta

6 - Bruce Willis

7 - Ewan McGregor - Banana for Scale

8 - Dennis Hopper

9 - Nicolas Cage

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