Dog Bites Off Mans Toes To Save Him

article-2340645-1A496A3A000005DC-106_306x423 As reported by WISH-TV

Back in June of 2013 Roger Brown of Brazil woke up having a dream that  his dog was licking his toes.

Unfortunately when he woke up that Wednesday morning at 4:30 am he awoke to find that 2 of his toes were missing.

Going back  to a week earlier his son had  sent a Facebook message saying that this dad was in the ER again due to a foot infection. Apparently they had operated on his foot the previous month but an a gangrene infection had set in. The dog had smelled the infection and in an effort to save his owners life chewed off his toes.


The authorities are not considering this a dog attack and the owner himself does not blame the dog

Apparently this is not the first time this has happened. Back in 2010 Jerry Douthett, of Rockford Michigan had one of his toes bitten off by his Jack Russel terrier,

Douthett was a diabetic as well, but was keeping the disease a secret from his family. But by keeping the disease a secret, and not regulating his blood-sugar, an infection started in his foot.

One night after drinking a lot of margaritas he passed out, only to be woken later surrounded in a pool of blood, noticing that Kiko had chewed off his toe.

Douthett was rushed to the hospital where the rest of his toe was amputated and doctors put him on a controlled medical program. This was a wake-up call for Douthett, and he gives all the credit to Kiko.

‘If it hadn’t been for that dog,’ Douthett told The Grand Rapids Press. ‘I could have ended up dead.