Extreme Body Modifications: Is It Really Modification or Mutilation?

The definition of what constitutes beauty in society has changed throughout the ages and is different in other cultures around the world. Some of these beauty trends are much more extreme than others though really becoming more like body mutilation  than modification.

Most of these trends are fairly recent though and there has been shown that its and increasing trend. With technologies advancing there will always be some new thing.

1. The Bagel Shaped Forehead Injections In Japan
This is accomplished though saline injections. The procedure is said to take approximately 2 hours and 400cc of saline with a ginormous needle. This fortunately, is not permanent and disappears after 16 hours with no long-term complications found (as of yet anyways).

2.Yeaba Teeth Or Canine Teeth In Japan
AAA another trend in Japan. I guess people are tired of straight teeth and think it is boring so have decided change it up a little. Yaeba, which means “double tooth” in Japanese. Many women are choosing dental crowns that elongate their canine teeth and give the effect of dental overcrowding (not to mention a vaguely vampire-like vibe). Why? Because in Japanese culture, young women with these kind of crooked teeth are considered cute and innocent.


facekinisIn backlash against tanning is in full swing now. In China along the coastal areas you cannot go to any beach now without seeing face-kinis. Reminiscent of Mexican wrestling masks these colorful protective masks which cover most of the face are meant to maintain a fair complexion as its undesirable to look like a farming peasant.
5. Pollution Masks

pollution masks

What used to be a practical facial mask in china to avoid the toxic pollution there has now become a fashion accessory. Louis Vuitton has been rumored to get  in the game and deign his own masks.
6. Extra-Ocular Implants


Starting the Netherlands about a decade ago tiny pieces of metallic jewelry like hearts are implanted beneath the cornea. The trend is still largely illegal and you would have to go to the a Netherlands ophthalmologists to perform the procedure.

7. Ear Pointing

ear pointing body modification

Another Star Trek Inspired trend to look like Spock. To accomplish this look the top of the ear’s cartilage is sliced open, then sewn back together in a point.

8. Bird Poop Facials

bird poop facials

This trend started from the geisha’s of Japan , who once used nightingale droppings as a natural exfoliant. Today, fancy salons from Tokyo to Hollywood combine the powdered bird poop with rice bran and ultraviolet light to sanitize the skin. Price? $180. Some celebs like Posh Spice are said to be big fans of this regiment.

9.Extreme Pale Skin

Queen Elizabeth was known for her extremely pale complexion. Back then it was seen as a sign of nobility if you had white skin. Later it was found out she was using a mixture of vinegar and white lead which it turns out actually makes you sick.

10.Body Stretching Regiments

lip-plate-4 neck-rings-4
From Neck rings to huge ear rings or lip stretching plates its always grossed me out. Common for Ethiopian women, the size of the lip plate is thought to convey the amount of cattle to pay for the bride. Others speculate that the lip plate demonstrates female strength and self-esteem. Neck rings are put on people as early as the age of 2 in Asian and African cultures

11.Foot Binding

foot-binding-1 foot-binding-2
Back during the Song Dynasty Chinese dancers started binding their feet. Eventually it became so popular that it spread throughout Chinese society.

The reasons one would do this are thought to prevent the dainty, concubine feet  from manual labor and thus served as a highly-coveted status symbol–albeit one whose bearer would presumably prefer not to have. By the 19th century approximately 40-50% of Chinese women had bound feed; and for the upper class it was closer to 100.

12. The Wasp Corset

c-2 corset-1

For some reason back in the women wanted to copy the body measurements of an insect. The corset would give the appearance of nearly separating the upper body fro the lower body. What the corset really did was saddle its users with a slew of ailments, some of which include cracked and deformed ribs, deformed internal organs, respiratory failure and, should they be pregnant, miscarriages.

13.Stiletto Heel Implants

stiletto heel implants
Luckily this is not actually happening right now. But you never know with people.
14. All kinds of strange extreme anything to do with body modification

Guinness World Records - 50th Anniversary Party body-modification-4
The pace as which body modifications is growing very rapidly. It was encountered a decade ago. Now you can’t walk down any major city without seeing some form of extreme body modification. I can understand personal expression but these people just take it way to far. Extreme piercings, tattooing, all kinds of object insertions under the skin, or making extra holes in your body like above, scarification(branding oneself), tongue splitting or extreme cosmetic surgery like Victoria Wild that spent 30k to look like a real Barbie doll.