Extreme Gaming: When Video Games Get Serious

As a kid we used to play video games for hours at a time. Video games can be incredibly addicting!
There has been a lot of debate as to how much though. The military uses them for simulating war training for new recruits. And there are addiction treatment centers that are having people check themselves and loved ones in for video game addiction.
These are 10 examples of just how extreme it can get. You may not realize just how badly this has gotten out of control if you are not a gamer. But after reading this list you’ll get a pretty good idea. Even though its not as severe, a recent article by Gamepolitics.com stated that 15% of divorces were attributed to gaming addiction.
10)Kids Skipping School
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Most of us have skipped school before, but this 15-year-old from Perth, Australia, skipped school for over 3 weeks to play online games for over 16 hours a day! So you are probably wondering how he did this? In the morning he would act as though he was still going to school and would put on his uniform every morning. He called the school to inform them that he was having surgery and would have to miss 3 weeks to recover from it. Then he would stay home and play games all day. Eventually his parents caught on when the school contacted them to check up on him.
9)A teen burns a classmate
firemage-tm - Copy
A boy in Beijing China set a classmate on fire after losing in the game World Of Warcraft. In his mind he became a fire mage (the character he plays in the game) and set his classmate on fire.
8)Pulling a Fifty-Hour Starcraft Session
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After a 50 hour Stracraft session(3 all nighters) a South Korean man  collapsed and died from heart failure. Likely due to exhaustion he only used the washroom and slept for short periods. There have been other reported cases where people have played from 3-15 days in a row.
7)Committing Suicide Over A Game
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On December 27, 2004,  a 13 year old boy “Xioyi” committed suicide in his words to “to join the heroes of the game he worshiped.” after playing for a 36hour stint. He had jumped off a tall building killing himself. His parents are currently trying to sue the Chinese distributors of the game for $12,500.
6)Girl Dies Because of Neglect
priusa2t52rjk3603-tm - Copy
A three-year-old South Korean girl died of neglect when her parents left for a 12 hour virtual reality gaming session. The game Prius that they were playing was a virtual reality game where you live a simulated life getting jobs and build relationships etc. I guess they were more interesting raising a virtual  reality girl rather than their own girl.
5)A Pair Of Twins Die Because of Neglect
gba-b-tm - Copy
Back in 2002 Gregg J Kleinmark was charged with involuntary manslaughter because he had left his twins in a bathtub for a half hour while they drowned. He had been busy playing Gameboy Advance. He later stated that he visits his children’s graves daily and his wife has since then divorced him. Wow talk about a trouble in threes.
4)A Man Was Stabbed to Death
mir3_gameplay-tm - Copy
A Chinese man Qiu Chengwei stabbed a friend Zhu Caoyuan to death after he shad sold his virtual sword without asking his permission. Caoyuan had offered money in exchange  for the sold sword. Apparently Chengwei was not happy and killed his friend while he slept. The sword was from the game Legend of Mir 3. Most countries do not have laws addressing virtual property but they do in South Korea which actually investigates in-game crime. Chengwei was later given a suspended death sentence for his crime.
3)A Teen Kills Woman for Gaming Money
dragon-ball-online-new-characters-screenshot-big-tm - Copy
A 13 year old Vietnamese boy was arrested for killing and robbing an 81-year-old woman for $6.20. He had strangled her with a piece of rope then buried her in front of his hose in a pile of sand. He confessed later that he had done it because he needed money to play an online game.
2)Teen Murders His Mother Over Halo 3
Daniel Petric
At the age of 16 Daniel Petric killed his mother and tried to kill his father because they refused to let him play Halo 3. Reports says that Petric walked into his parents’ room the night of the incident and said “Would you close your eyes? I have a surprise for you,” before shooting his father between the eyes. WTF!!
1)Another Multiplayer Game Suicide
everquest_2_free_to_play1280268024-tm - Copy
Back in 2002 Shawn Woolley committed suicide after playing the MMORPG game Everquest.
If you search aroused the net you will see gamers in forums joking about the addictive nature of the Everquest game referring to it as EverCrack!!
Back in 200s Wired did an article which first brought the idea of whether its possible that gaming could have led to the suicide of Shawn Woolley. If you ask his mother she has always suspected there is something in the game that pushed him over the edge like a rejection or betrayal.

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