Forget Something?…Just Have Sex

Most of the time your brain is thought of the area that makes you smart and not as the most erogenous area of your body. Your libido is usually associated with whats between your legs.  Researchers earlier this year are getting finding that may turn this idea upside down.

At the University of Maryland researchers found that regular sexual activity not only allowed for neurogenesis, or the creation of new neurons in the brain, but also improved cognitive function, potentially helping people think more clearly.

This has not been the first study to to get findings like this. Another study done in 2010 found that sexual experience causes cell growth in the hippo-campus, a region of the brain that’s instrumental to long-term memory, which means sex can reduce memory loss and dementia.

Another group of researchers at Rudgers Universty have been studying female orgasms for 25 years now. Using Fmri (measures blood flow in brain) they have found that orgasms light up as many as 30 areas of the brain. When blood is flowing into those ares nutrients and oxygen are carried there making your brain healthier.

Many people have been using games as a way to improve cognitive function. Its been proven in many studies that they do just that. But they only seem to work in specific areas of the brain. Comparing games to sex however, sex affects over 30 areas.

Other studies have shown that the chemical DHEA is produced n your body when having sex. DHEA is known to improve brain function, promote cell growth, as well as it being good for your immune system and skin as well.

And of course we all know its like natures tranquilizer. Reducing anxiety and stress in turn acts like an natural antidepressant. Far better than any pill with far less side-effects