Gigantic Eel Caught In The UK


ad_169123260An Eel was caught just off the southwest coast of the United Kingdom in Plymouth weighting in at 131lbs just shy of the record holder at 133lbs after gutting. Before gutting its estimated to weight approx 150-160lbs!

BBC and the manager of the fishery that bought the Eel said the photo is exaggerated with it being around 7ft long rather than other news outlets reporting it to be 20ft long.

Pete Bromley, manager of Plymouth Fisheries is quoted as saying:

‘The Conger Eel’s move to very deep water and die after spawning, so like all large congers caught off the South West approaches, this fish is likely to be an unspawned female.

‘These large eels are generally found hiding in the many wrecks around the South West, or on reefs and rock ground, but they do venture out to open ground in search of food, usually during neap tides or slack water.

‘Despite their size and power, they are not very strong swimmers’.