GROSS!!!!!!!!! The Worst Sports Injuries Caught Live

Theses are in no particular order although Clint Malarchuck and Anthony an Loo did narrowly avoid death.These guys all beyond a typical tough guy and are really warriors.

1. Clint Malarchuck
The goaltender for the Buffalo Sabres back in 1989 gets his throat slit and nearly dies. Clint after he quickly realized what happened sticks his stinky hockey glove into the wound to stop the bleeding then stands up and walks off the ice. Apparently it took 300 stitches and 90 minutes in surgery to save him.

2.NFL safety Ronny Lott suffered from a broken pinkie finger in April 1986. He decided to amputate his own finger so he can keep playing and avoid the long recovery time it would take for a reconstructive surgery

3.Running Back Terrell Davis Goes Blind, Wins Super Bowl MVP. After being hit Davis goes to sit on the bench and literally goes blind. Initially he though he had gotten knocked out but when he realized that he had full control over all other senses he realized he was blind. 15 mins later luckily his vision returned and ended up giving the performance of a lifetime and even winning the superbowl MVP award in the process

4.Soccer’s Anthony Van Loo Dies on the Field, Gets Back Up. Anthony had medical related issues prior to this that the whole team knew about. In fact he even had a defibrillator installed in his chest. So when he suffered from heart failure on the field that almost killed him. The defibrillator did its job expertly and Anthony didn’t only regain consciousness but returned to the game and kept playing.

5.Rugby Player Wayne Shelford Gets His Scrotum Torn Open. This guy ad his scrotum ripped open by a cleat from another player. His testicles are literally hanging out of the sack. So what does he do. He goes over to the bench, gets stitched up and gets right back in to the game.
wayne shelford

6.Anderson Silva gets his leg broken. During a championship match Anderson Silva attempted to leg kick his opponent. Kicking him the wrong way resulted in his ankle being broken.

7.Kevin ware
Louisville VS. Duke

8. A running of the bulls injury in mexico

9. 2007, soccer player Edgar Andrade fractured his leg and twisted his ankle. Andrade later returned to the field after intensive physical therapy.

10. Mike Tyson famous ear biting incident on Evander Holyfield

And now here is an image of kittens to get these gnarly incidents out of your head

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