Haven’t Gotten Sick Yet Today? Our List Of Sickest Horror Movies Can Help You With That

These movies are in no particular order since peoples  interests are so different. I selected them based on the fact that i have watched literally over 1000 horror movies and these stuck out like sore thumbs to me.

1)Salo or the 120 days of Sodom – An Art film version of the book 120days of Sodom by Marquis De Sade

2)Funny games- Theses two young guys decide to take a family hostage in a cabin in the woods. To make things worse they get the family to play sadistic games on each other for fun. Some serious gross out scenes here.
3)Martyre – I wont give it away but as the movie progresses it gets crazier and crazier. Starts out a little slow for the first half hour but the last half hour is well worth the wait. Its hard to watch the ending without nearly vomiting
4)The Human Centipede- There are 3 of them to date. The second is the sickest of the bunch.
5)A Serbian film- A porn star agrees to star in an art film but finds out he has to participate in a snuff film instead.
6)Cannibal Holocaust- A film crew goes to the amazon to make a documentary on the tribes there. When they go missing a search and rescue crew uncovers their found film coverage
7)I spit on your grave 1 and 2 РThe film was originally made in 1978. There was a remake in 2010  and 2013 as well. A woman that is gang raped takes her revenge on them extremely violently
8)Megan is missing – When a girls best friend she goes missing Megan decides to investigate. Only she ends up being kidnapped as well. Later film footage is found by the police of their ordeal.
9)Teeth- A woman has teeth on her vagina. Guess how she uses them?
10)A Philosophy of a knife- Russian American horror movie 4hhours long. It was filmed in black and white and color as well. The movie is supposed to take place during WW2 in a Japanese military base. Shows graphic torture scenes
11)Mordum which is the sequel to August Underground
12)Nekromantik- A 1987 German film about a character named Rob that indulges in necrophilia.
13)Naked Blood – A 1996 Japanese horror movie which was a remake of the film genuine rape. A scientist creates a chemical that turns pain in to pleasure. After it gets tested on 3 girls it results in horrific incidents.
14)Visitor Q – Was filmed as the sixth and final part of the Love Cinema series consisting of six straight-to-video releases by independent filmmakers
15)Dead girl-These high fine high school lads come across a zombie woman in an abandoned sewer. So what do they do with her? Turn her into a sex slave.
16)Guinea Pig movies 1+2 are the most famous but there are 7 of them in total. They are an adaptation from the the manga comic books by Hideshi Hino. In the first movie a group of men kidnap a woman and proceed to torture her in graphic detail. The second is a bout a man dressed as a samurai who cuts off a woman’s body piece by piece to add to his collection.

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