Heston Is Trying To Transform The Way We Eat With His Food Art

Heston Blumenthal is considered by many to be the #1 chef in the world right now. His Restaurant “The Fat Duck” was rated #1 restaurant in the entire world back in 2001 by Michelin.

He is possibly more famous than Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Kennedy especially in Europe. Funny though many people in North America have never heard of him.

He has been breaking and pushing all boundaries of cooking with his often described scientific method of cooking.

Creations like his edible wallpaper, newspaper and eating utensils may not sound appetizing but he assures that they are stuffed with spices and delicious flavors.

Everything created by him and his team is whimsical, beautiful to look at and a gastronauts dream come true.

Visiting his restaurant will set you back about 255 British Pounds/440 Canadian loonies.

Below is a picture from TV special “Heston’s Fantastical Food”. The first course he served to these busy morning commuters was a newspaper that at first you read first and then you EAT!

edible breakfast


Below are just a few of some of Heston’s amazing creations

1.Meat Fruit

The filling is a combination of chicken liver and foie gras parfait. The outer layer is a type of mandarin jelly

meat fruit


2. Another one of his various creations

aothe dish

3.His Oak moss dish.

Completely edible. He uses dry ice for a dramatic effect.

oak moss dish

4.Bacon and Egg Ice Cream

Heston’s attempt to turn breakfast upside down. Or is it desert??

5.Heston’s Magic Mushroom Soup