Human Waste Beer Is Now Being Made…URINE Luck!

Recently a waste water treatment company called “Clean Water Services” and a group of local beer makers in the Portland area “The Brew Crew” teamed up to create a beer from recycled local sewage water.

Being more of a promotion for their waste water treatment program rather than to make a marketable product. They are still facing some regulatory hurdles before it becomes legal to distribute publicly. It has to prove that the drink is super-sterilized first. Even if they did create a product it would take an incredible amount of advertising to sell any.(changing popular public opinion is very hard)

recycled pee
As shown the breakdown of human urine is mostly composed of water


At first the idea sounds crazy but really when you look at the facts that in nearly every city around the world waste waster is cleaned, sterilized and put back into the cities water system for public consumption. Also on nearly space mission to date astronauts have had to drink recycled urine.

The Brew Crew says that it will start by distributing the pee and poo beer at company events.

I know there are some beers that taste like piss. Now there is literally one that is. I guess now if this is your thing then URINE luck!