I Think A God Just Came From The Sky

This video captured an amazing lightening strike

A few interesting facts about lightning that might well…….shock you 🙂

1)You can’t have thunder without lightning

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. A charged, superheated lightning bolt creates a “resonating tube” as it travels. The air in the tube rapidly expands and contracts causing vibrations that you hear as the rumble of thunder.

2)Lightning-strike victims develop a strange rash
People who are struck by lightning are often temporarily covered with what’s known as red Lichtenberg figures, which are branching, tree-like patterns created by the passage of high voltage electrical discharges along the skin.

3)Petrified lightning is real
When lightning strikes sand or rock, the extreme heat can fuse minerals beneath the surface into a tube called a fulgurite. Though relatively rare, these “lightning fossils” have been found worldwide.